Urgent! Brain tumour research help needed.

Urgent! Brain tumour research help needed.

Hilton Hydro in Dunblane where event takes place on 3rd June

Unfortunately my own days are numbered but in the journey I started out on last August, which proved to be a terminal brain tumour, as well as witnessing young people seriously ill, I have been saddened to learn how many young people under 40 die from brain tumours and want to use the little time and influence I still have to encourage awareness and raise money for this important cause.img_0121

QThere clearly is a cure but finding it requires time, effort and money. My daughter Sarah along with family and friends are arranging an event at Dunblane Hydro on 3rd June which I hope you can attend or in some way support.  There will be various sponsored events and we already have a good number of items for auction but need  more to make the day a real success. Time for auction and some of the lots will appear in my next post. In the meantime you can check out the Brain Tumour research web site and donate direct but let myself or Sarah know. you can go to https://www.braintumourresearch.org/ and donate through just giving,  gift aid forms  are available on the site.  Read for yourself the wonderful work being done.  As far as I can see it needs to be accelerated and you can also help spread the word.  Please let me know if you donate on murdomurchison58@gmail.com or let Sarah know on sarahmurchison89@gmail.com

Links to my previous posts about the tumour:



A word from Sarah

With the help of Stuart Carruthers and Dunblane Hilton health club, I am organising a spinning and cycling charity event to raise money and awareness for Brain Tumour Research from 9am to 9pm on Saturday the 3rd of June.

There will be a Facebook event page up shortly and we can start getting people signed up for the 12 hour sponsored spinathon and a Hilton to Hilton sponsored road cycle (route tbc).

The idea is to make the event as accessible and fun as possible. There will be a BBQ, music, a raffle, and games for children. You can come and spin for 20 minutes, an hour, 12 hours, or whatever you can manage. You could form a team and relay. You can join the road cycle if you’re up to the challenge. Or you can just come and support the spinners/cyclists and have a fun day out!

At the moment I need help with the following:

If you have a turbo trainer and bike, can you spare them on the 3rd June?

Do you have any ideas for entertainment, or talents you are willing to donate? I already have a couple of face painters, a couple of people who can organise children’s games, and even a massage therapist! Any help with any of those also much appreciated.

Do you know anyone willing to donate raffle prizes?

Do you happen to know any local celebrities who might be up for making an appearance or promoting the event?

Thank you!!

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2 thoughts on “Urgent! Brain tumour research help needed.

  1. Murdo,
    Emily Bryce and John MacLean here. We have just seen a shared post from Fiona Grant from Kyle.
    We are both shocked at reading your news, we also live with the fact that John has a benign brain tumour which measures 3cm, and will be having another CT scan in May, as it’ll be one year since last measurement.
    I can hardly believe that this has happened to you, your family sound amazing and totally supportive.
    You have such a strong faith, I will take time to read your other blogs.
    Please be assured you are in our thoughts.
    I’m not sure what we’re doing on the 3rd of June, however pretty certain we’ll gift a raffle prize and if we’re free will walk along as the hotel us only a short walk from the house.
    Take great care and enjoy the time you have left with your family at your side.

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    1. Emily
      Great to hear from you,and all the very best with the treatment for John. Give him my best. The activities on the day should develop to be interesting. Faith has been tested in all this and I have been particularly aware of, and moved by the prayer of so many people. The previous blogs will tell you that this experience not been straightforward where faith is concerned.

      They thought my tumour was 2cm and benign but it quickly grew to 4cm and is the worst possible type. The good thing for John is that a non malignant tumour can be dormant for 20 years.

      You will have heard that my mother now lives in Stirling and enjoys it very much.


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