Blog post 50!

Blog post 50!

Above: The famous Barra beach landing

CAN HARDLY BELIEVE IT MYSELF! 50 posts in six months with an average of 1750 views per item, the accounts of illness did generate a lot of interest and understandably activity is much lower in recent weeks as I settle into a period of poor but stable health.

Had you told me last autumn that I would be blogging, despite Margaret telling me that some friends were into it, the question would have been. “WHAT ON EARTH IS BLOGGING?” and when explained would have burst out laughing at the very concept.  Had I even known about it, were I the type of person to have a bucket list, believe me, it would NOT have featured! If you had  told me a book would follow in a few months I perhaps would not have just chuckled. It would have been pretty far down the list (something to do at age 80, if still competent) and the idea would have been to simply to do no more than leave some notes for the extended family.

2017-05-17 10.31.17
Sky diving could be good fun, better than blogging!
Life for each of us takes many different turns as it has for me, a true Highlander in my youth, proudly wearing an oil stained boiler suit with heather growing out my ears just to complete the look. At that time I was contemplating years  ahead of serving my generation running the local garage and helping the church next door.

God of course had very different ideas and despite my reluctance and not always being aware of his guidance, He led me to where I am today, aged just 59, making a temporary recovery from the nastiest of large, complex, aggressive, brain tumours. Were it not for the intervention of pioneering awake brain surgery, humanly speaking I would be history. Much  of my previous musing was done typing with one hand, I now am thankful to have some  strength back in my left hand.

Life for each of us is of course transient and simply the gateway to the next world ‘God has set eternity in the heart of man’. Even in my poor condition it takes a visit, as well as some unpleasant questions from the Hospice nurse, to remind me of the not very distant future. Why on Earth are we so shackled to this world? Dare I say it imprisoned by the temporal? Are you from day to day and hour to hour considering that great spiritual element deep within your consciousness? An older generation would talk of “THE GREAT ETERNITY”.

Psalm 107 gives us the following comforting words. The patriarchs wandered the desert daily moving their tents with their eye on an ultimate destination… Heaven itself. In life and in death we are really just like these ancient people…

7’He led them by a straight way

2017-05-17 10.26.46
He led the Patriarchs and the nation of Israel in the right way
to a city where they could settle.

Let them give thanks to the Lord for his unfailing love

and his wonderful deeds for mankind,

for he satisfies the thirsty

and fills the hungry with good things‘.

Is your soul satisfied? Does your vision extend to that city talked about right throughout the bible? Of course 2000 years after Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, now 2000 years ago came the light of the world, Jesus, who ultimately takes us to Heaven. To a degree my soul is satisfied and at this horrendous time I am aware that largely because of blogs a worldwide network of people are praying for me. THANK-YOU

Abraham tent
Almost daily Abraham moved his tent as expressed in Psalm 10
7Despite my comment that I have never had a bucket list, if in the will of God I had the

st kilda
St Kilda out in the Atlantic
opportunity and strength to go by helicopter to St Kilda, land on Barra beach or sky dive, it would be good but nothing compared to the glory of the next world! Knowing the next world is compared by one writer with the fetus knowing what grown up life would be like.
Are you on course for that place?
I have confidence that, because of Jesus, there will be a place there for me.


6 thoughts on “Blog post 50!

  1. There is of course a place for you there, and there are many who have gone before you who will be waiting at the other side to welcome you….what a homecoming awaits each of us who has loved Him. But I’m sure I’m not the only one praying that you will be with us for a good while longer and we can have the pleasure of reading many more of your blog entries…..keep them coming . Blessings to you and your family.

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