The resurrection body….

The resurrection body….

In my present condition, very much aware that the outward man is fading away I find myself thinking ahead to the resurrection body and in particular what the bible teaches concerning this. You may think that our knowledge is limited on this subject but sovereign as well as wise God has revealed all we need to know. We are told that despite going to the grave… as each of us must, our bodies are sown a natural body but raised a spiritual body and I find this both exciting and comforting. Death is the seed the resurrection the flower! This is enough to deaden my ongoing fear. The great apostle asks the rhetorical question.   ‘ Death where is thy victory, grave where is thy sting?’ Jesus died and rose again so he has defeated the grave on our behalf.

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The great promise of God in Christ is that on death our souls go immediately to heaven but at the final resurrection our bodies will raised be changed and we will share in the glory of the Saviour’s resurrection. EXCITING… THRILLING… With God forever. Job stated with confidence that even after the worms of this earth destroy his mortal body yet in his resurrection body he would see God!

As a young boy I must have either read 1Cor 15 or heard a sermon on the bodily resurrection of believers because I had a vivid picture in my mind’s eye of the local graveyard giving up the dead. Later as a young man I wondered how this was possible knowing that molecules from past generations must find there way into our bodies; what about a body totally destroyed through  cremation? “God is the God of the impossible” was the standard answer, then along came DNA mapping and talk at least, of man being able to bring back extinct animal species. In my lifetime, time and time again science has helped verify many of the great but doubted and maligned principles laid out in scripture. It now seems so easy for the creator to have that unique DNA and bring it back in glorified form. This final resurrection is either implied or talked about  in the 66 books of the bible.

Eilean Donan Cstle
Eilean Donn castle

So I look forward considering the great assurance that I will not be left in the grave just as psalm16 prophesied boldly that the Saviour would rise bodily having conquered death.


10 thoughts on “The resurrection body….

  1. Praise the Lord Brother Murdo. A very well written note, 1st Corinthians 15;42-43,”So will it be with the resurrection of the dead. The body that is sown is perishable, it is raised imperishable;it is sown in dishonor, it is raised in glory; it is sown in weakness, it is raised in power;” We are all highlanders of Christ, walking on a higher ground. We are equipped by God and wield the sword of the Spirit in power from above and claim victory over the sin, death and this world in Christ. My dear Brother Murdo, may you be victorious in every warfare on Earth and in Heavenly realms in the mighty Name of our Lord Jesus Christ, I pray and Amen. a

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    1. Great words Anil. The Christian church has the answer and certainly in Scotland we should be far more vocal about it. The Hymn writer expresses our hope in these words ‘We are going by and by to the palace of a King’


  2. Another thought-provoking and uplifting blog. ‘For we know that if the earthly tent . . .’ was a comfort to me too, in the depths of grief at the death of my husband, and continues to be two years on. I just don’t know what’s going on with any church that doesn’t preach the resurrection, the very event on which all Christian hope is founded.

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