‘I Am’

‘I Am’

 Do you remember in school discovering that to learn any language you had to enter that horrible environment of grammar? They tried to teach me a bit of the Gaelic language (apparently the language of Heaven) and the first words drummed into me were “Tha me”…I am. Later in school a bit of French seemed to be obligatory and the very first words imprinted on my unwilling  and dull brain were “Je suis”…I am.

Moses at the burning bush
Clearly these are VITAL words and they make me think of the statement from the great creator God himself to Moses at the burning bush as he revealed himself in the book of Exodus. Moses asked God who was sending him to rescue Israel and the answer was ‘I am’ is sending you ‘I am who I am’  Ex 3 14.  Moses, of course, is one of the giants of history. Churchill with that strong sense of destiny in his wilderness years before World war 2 closely studied the life of that great patriarch. God gave Moses 40 years as a Prince in Egypt, then he experienced 40 years of valuable wilderness experience to do a job for God which lasted 40 years. The strengthening and comforting ‘I am’ declaration from God came at the end of his years in the desert. Wilderness experience was opening out into great and valuable service for God. WHAT A COMFORT for those in the wilderness just now!

Many names throughout scripture give us a great picture of who and what God is. Without the bible, were you to give a name to a sovereign God, what would it be? I suggest to you that without doubt a divine mind revealed this name to Moses. You and I are created in the image of God, that is why we can say  ‘I’  expressing our ego. The obvious difference is that because of the fall of mankind expressed in the first book of the bible we have mortal bodies of flesh which have an end in terms of this ŵorld. For sure the place in time which knows us so well right now will soon enough know us no more. Little wonder the hymn writer wrote ‘Change and decay in all around I see‘.  Arthur Pink in his book, ‘The attributes of God’ writes this:

God cannot change for the better, for He is already perfect; and being perfect, He cannot change for the worse. Altogether unaffected by anything outside Himself, improvement or deterioration is impossible. He is perpetually the same’

God then is immutable,  but how  do we know that we even exist??… Why do we have consciousness in the first place? That is the mess the philosophers of this world get themselves into!

I am sketch There is a cry in the heart of each human being. “Who am I and where am I going?  Scripture of course has the answer! It explains so much about us as beings created in the image of God. The Shorter catechism sums up God as revealed  in the bible with these tremendous words. ‘God is a spirit, infinite, eternal and unchangeable; in his being, wisdom, power, holiness, justice,  goodness and truth’.

The bible is a bit like a light with a dimmer switch.  In the first few books we begin to see a picture of God and by the end, the light shines brightly and we have all the information that the great Creator wants us to have concerning Himself and his plan of salvation. Like everything else that He has done it is good… in the words of the psalmist, more to be desired than gold and sweeter than the honeycomb…how true in my own experience and the experience of every believer.

Jesus, the light of the world who is of course God in the flesh says this…‘I tell you the truth, before Abraham was born, I am!‘  (John 8:56–59).

Because God is ‘I am’ WE CAN ABSOLUTELY TRUST HIM. He is as powerful today as he was when he said ‘Let there be light

This world will end, time itself will expire but he will still be ‘I AM WHO I AM’

Here is a quote from the renowned astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson … This is the secular angle trying to grasp this principle. How thankful we are that the bible makes it clear that to  God His people are both precious and of great importance.

Neil Tyson


4 thoughts on “‘I Am’

  1. Praise the Lord Brother Murdo, In Hindi, we say, I am, like this, ” Mai Hoon” . When we lose our little i am, the great I AM, fills us with His Eternal Presence. I liked the idea presented, “Bible is like a light with the dimmer switch.” And the Book of Revelation is the extreme turn of this switch when we see the Lamb of God in Revel 5, Who was slain but He is standing in the center of the Heavenly court in The Presence of the Heavenly Father, and He alone is found worthy to open the scroll and to receive all glory, power and praise for ever in Heaven and on Earth. This manifestation of Light is so great that no one can stand before Him but only falls before Him and worship Him and adore Him with songs of praise and thanks giving. Praise the Lord Brother Murdo keep turning the dimmer switch towards more brightness. Lord is working in our lives and His work is going on and it is good. God Bless. A

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    1. There is such conclusive evidence in the written word of God without even taking into account his hand at work directly, the power of the Holy Spirit and the presence of the risen saviour.


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