Coming to a bookshop near you…

Supposing you had told me 8 months ago that I was about to become an author and blogger I would have rolled about laughing. On 30th August 2016 Following a massive seizure my family thought I had died. By mid September making a slow but, according to my surgeon and oncologist, temporary recovery and a bit bored, my daughter Sarah set me up on Facebook, it was terrific and within days I had 500 friends in this new dimension, despite being, in my former life a scoffer, bordering on persecutor of social media IT WAS ALMOST A DAMASCUS ROAD EXPERIENCE. Previously I would snarl at the family “get off that stupid thing”.

By end of October I was telling a friend David Robertson that there was not enough room for a good post on Facebook. “Take up blogging” was his immediate response. I soon learned how to do it with some help from my very patient…sometimes exasperated… children and put out my first blog in mid November, very quickly there was a huge following.

If nothing else my life has been varied so there are some interesting little stories. Very quickly I realised that we could self publish a cheap book and use it to raise funds for a Free Church building close to the centre of Stirling. Iain Macaskill, our minister, had a better idea: Ask Christian Focus to quality publish the book and it will reach a worldwide audience with the American market as well as Amazon, digital version etc.

Knowing that my time could be short, Christian Focus, who already had the idea on their radar, wasted no time and started on the book in early February and completed it in four months…Is this a record? If in the will of God the book sells then the second edition will be larger as a fair bit more has been written.

Raploch home
Look to the left hand bottom of the picture to get a scale of the site, a huge old folks home w stood there. The idiots at the council demolished it!

So here we are asking for a donation to help Stirling Free Church building project in exchange for a book which will make you laugh, weep, and hopefully be comforting and motivational spiritually. Nothing so far has challenged me more than terminal illness. I have made sure that within each chapter there is a spiritual emphasis. Calvin the great reformer talks of our faith reaching every part of our lives and although I would not claim to have always been a good ambassador for the Saviour who lived, died and rose again, conquering death, I have always tried to live by the faith given to me by a sovereign God.

Stirling Church started with a very small group and has grown immensely, we now have 100 people associated with us and need as soon as possible to put down proper roots in the city.  Sixty to seventy enthusiastic people attend the morning service, 40 to 50 of the same caliber in the evening.

Our aim is to reach out to the lost in the city and, having united behind the idea, have an option to purchase a 3 acre site close to the city centre; we want to build a basic but suitable Free Church. We have not even raised £100 000 of the £600 000 needed

Funding this building will not be easy, and there are many giants to slay along the way if we are to succeed. Having obtained funds to cover the cost of my book “One careful owner” it is FREE to you provided you donate £7 or more to our building project (there is always a catch!) In this case it is a very worthy catch, all you need is to donate to our building project!

You can, as if by magic turn a £10 donation into £12 … gift aid forms available.
On the other hand, if you really like what we are doing, £50 can be turned into £60 through gift aid. £100 gets you more books to give to your friends £100 on gift aid is £120!

Perhaps you want to give a good amount but do not have the ready cash. Monthly standing order can easily be set up.

Here are some of the activities we are already involved in plus a few which would emerge with the building

Site for new church at the old Stirling bridge- Enormous

Christianity explored

Little wellies

Drop in centre -The Well

Student lunches

Student football

Minibus to collect people..particularly students

Road to recovery
Future ministry with building
Building can be used for conferences by other congregations (plenty parking)

We have one of the most deprived areas of Scotland on our doorstep.

There is sheltered housing next door. Pensioners will beat the door down for our lunches.

Cafe with Christian emphasis.

Services for people without a Christian background

Raploch air
Look upstream to the left of of the historic Stirling bridge and you are at our potential site, Here the English gathered to be routed by Wallace in 1297.  Our battle is spiritual

Stirling is such a strategic place within Scotland. You all know of the battle of Stirling bridge in 1297. Our potential site is  where the English gathered beside the previous recently rediscovered wooden bridge to be routed by Wallace.
The battle we have 720 years later in 2017 is spiritual…we want the people of Stirling to come into the light of the glorious gospel.
Relying on God we will win…… will you help us? Make donation, give me your address and get a signed pre release copy.
Dinning House Gargunnock Stirling FK8 3BQ

  Donate through: Golden Giving



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