It is often said that GOD IS NO MAN’S DEBTOR: ‘whoever sows sparingly will also reap sparingly, and whoever sows bountifully will also reap bountifully. /2Cor9.6′ and throughout my reasonably long busy life I have been able to truly put my amen to that statement while at the same time condemning  what is known as the gospel of prosperity which would have us think that monetary and material prosperity is directly linked to giving. Those who promote and advance this unfounded and misleading theory make me think of some of my forebarers who possessed next to nothing and lived in turf roofed houses, most of them were, from what I can gather,  greatly blessed spiritually, yet subsisted. pretty much in a hand to mouth manner.

Despite this clear aversion to some of the teaching on giving within the worldwide church, as I approach 50 years of personal  Christian giving, God has proved to my entire satisfaction that he is a generous creator who often blesses those who give generously to his cause! Why can I say that? It is simply because he has given multiple blessing to me in so many and varied ways. Believe me, SPIRITUAL BLESSING for me and indeed any believer transcends all other forms of blessing.


YOU, of course can make a great difference to your church through giving. Many churches operate on shockingly low budgets and struggle from year to year while some members sadly do no more than what could be fairly described as TIPPING GOD! Are you asking; WHY IS GOD NOT BLESSING ME SPIRITUALLY? What are you giving to him? they say “time is money” Are you defined as someone who freely gives of their time and energy to him in helping advance the church? Are you a Barnabas? do you find ways of encouraging those at the sharp end of Christian work…believe me when I say that there are so many practical and varied ways of doing this. What about visiting the sick, the lonely and the elderly…something I confess to not having been very good at.. Do you spend time praying, if ever there was need for prayer it is right now. Every act of service to God is a form of giving.


The best way to give money in my experience is monthly standing order by gift aid which adds a whopping 25% to the offering. Personally I just love saving that tax because the government take and so often mis spend so much money in tax. I accept at the same time that others may pay their tax gladly, although I never seem to come across them,  they may well exist as rare species.

The great question is this: Are you truly considering the spiritual kingdom or are you just so rooted to this earth that you neglect the far greater treasures of  the grace love and mercy of God and Heaven itself?

Do you have enough? A little bit left over? The advancing church worldwide needs your contribution. How about a legacy?  What a difference you can make when you have gone to glory by making sure that some of your assets are left to the Christian cause. There are plenty of good causes, plenty of churches burdened by high loans. Even getting your solicitor to make a pledge now can give reassurance and security to the leadership of your church.

Maybe, just like myself, you do not always like some of the ways in which the money you give is spent. My experience has often been that despite my misgivings at the time, blessing can be seen looking back despite the fact that resources were not particularly well used. At the lowest level perhaps a work was kept going because of a donation, circumstances months or even years later changed and that work prospered. Consider this: What price can be put on one person brought from darkness into the light and freedom of the gospel?

My passion in recent years has been for Stirling Free Church and I feel burdened for it and despite ongoing illness do my utmost to support it. For sure We need a lot of capital if we are to establish a strong foothold in that central, strategic and historic part of Scotland. Can you help us? Please donate generously.

Above and beyond money we need heartfelt prayer.

 Thanks be to God for his inexpressible gift! 2Cor9.15

You can give online to Stirling Free Church building fund through Golden Giving- Here is the link below. Gift aid is taken care of which makes the process very easy. You can be one of the first as we have just signed up.






2 thoughts on “Giving

  1. What a thought provoking blog yet again Murdo. As a couple we have tithed, and given, throughout our marriage. We have supported, and still support specific missionaries and organisations whom we believe are promoting God’s kingdom and His work here on earth. It is good to have personal feedback on how our giving is working toward this goal, rather than putting it into a big pot where so much is, often of necessity, raked off for administration. I do believe we are blessed by giving more than receiving and we as a family have never gone without for any one of the 37 years of our marriage because of our belief in our duty as christians….and yes, great to be able to get the government, no matter what your politics, to contribute to the cause too. God bless you and those you love…and praying for a continued growth in that great wee church in Stirling. Ev

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