Footprints…NOT in the sand.

Footprints…NOT in the sand.

 Previous generations of Christians revered the footprints of Glenmoriston where an Evangelist, Finlay Munro, preached a powerful sermon in 1827. Some hecklers in the crowd jeered, he shut his bible and, to prove the truth of his words, he declared to the gathering that grass would not grow on the spot where he stood till the day of judgment… you have guessed correctly…the grass has not grown despite someone digging the earth up in the 1970s. So to this day they are still considered to be a powerful testimony to the authenticity of the gospel.

The cairn by the footprints.Crowds sat on the slope to the right
Many similar stories are told of bold accurate predictions and second sight in the Highlands of a bygone age. The big question has to be: Is this just in the category of legend, or can it be taken seriously? For sure many capable, high profile respected church leaders  accepted the footprints as relevant and genuine.

In my twenties leading a youth fellowship in Inverness we took a bus crowded with young people 30 miles west for an evangelistic meeting on the site, which has a large cairn round the attraction. On reaching middle age, and for many years since, I have had some misgivings about the value of such stories. This story may, or may not have credence. The skeptic in me (often to the forefront) says that it could just be because successive visitors have stood where Munro stood. On the other hand he did not claim that they would remain through supernatural power.

A more Recent photo
We are of course on safe ground considering  the forgotten text of holy scripture he preached on that day in May, 190 years ago.“prepare to meet thy God, O Israel” (Amos 4:12)  These are the God breathed words of the prophet Amos who lived in 800 BC. The nation of Israel was worshiping idols and neglecting the poor while still maintaining a facade of true religion. The Lord had judged Israel yet there was no repentance, worship continued to be a sham. Today we do not hear much about repentance and thirst for the true God and indeed the national church is becoming a travesty of biblical Christianity. This is a long way from the centre of gravity of the bible which deals with the problem of sin in each one of us. Jesus is exclusively the way to God and ALL roads in the bible lead to the cross. It is only through coming to that place where Jesus cancelled our debt for sin that we can meet God with confidence. If you believe this, then prepare to meet God with certainty and joy, via the cross. There is no other way. With my own days numbered, I can tell you that coming to God through Jesus is a great comfort as I “prepare to meet my God.”img_0203

Told you the message of the sermon preached that day was more solid than the footprints Finlay Munro left!

It is sad that our secular media choose to ignore our great Christian heritage. However, airbrushing our heritage pales into insignificance when considering the absolute outrage that the 100,000 martyred Christians worldwide each year are largely ignored by governments and the media.

For more information go to my blog on modern day martyrs through this link.

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If you happen to pass that way cross Torgoyle bridge heading east, a quarter of a mile on there is a small parking area with a gate to the left, go through and you should see the cairn with the footprints below. Travelling west if you reach the bridge turn back!

Just learned that there is now a sign with an interpretive board….Pleased to hear that. Thanks to John Ross local FC minister for organising it…now you have no excuse!


6 thoughts on “Footprints…NOT in the sand.

  1. “Told you the message of the sermon preached that day was more solid than the footprints Finlay Munro left!” Profound statement Brother Murdo. Keeping you in my daily prayers my dear Brother in Christ and it is a blessing. Praise the Lord. 🙏

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  2. We have not met. My daughter, Alison, was at school with Duncan. Your writings are strong, powerful and challenging. May God continue to bless you, your family and the faithful work you have carried out in His Name. Barbara.

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  3. Murdo, I think the footprints are the real thing. Not many folk visit the site, so you can discount it being because people stand in them. There is no other reason I can think of. I’ve checked them many times over the years (never stood in them) and they are always there. Too often we are like Thomas, doubting, perhaps limiting the supernatural power of God. Perhaps as Presbyterians we’re nervous, as it’s a claim made more often by the Catholic Church, the idea of the visibly miraculous.


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