To my Grandchildren..

To my Grandchildren..

Above: Parents Finlay and Elspeth  Anne myself and Ian

Originating from the dark ages of the 20th century I will never meet you in this world much as I would like to. Without an amazing miracle it will simply not happen as a large and particularly nasty, growing brain tumour will prevent me even reaching the tender age of 60!

Looking back to my own youth,  the world was becoming a very different place as I grew up in the 1960s post baby boomer years. Credible and proven research states that in outlook I am much closer to my great grandfather than millennial people like your parents.

EPSON MFP imagePre School
Tree climbing
Should technology continue to advance then the world you grow up as part of will be completely different to the experience of your parents and you may well even think of them as dinosaurs!

Computer advances and new medical advances have transformed the world! What do the futurologists tell us?  They talk of a world with amazing technology,  extended human lifespan and wonderful medical care, not to mention the food you will eat! There will almost certainly  be a cure for the brain tumour which is right now in 2017 killing me.

I can speculate, dream and pray for the best on your behalf but what does the  eternal and unchangeable God of the bible tell us?  Will the bible be totally dismissed? Is it just a passing footnote in history? A small player in a coming utopia? God clearly tells us that an advancing  spiritual kingdom will, despite much persecution, come through the cross of Jesus. I stand (or at least lie in my bed) amazed by the rise and rise of Christianity during my lifetime. The Romans tried hard to stamp it out even before it took root. The 19th and  20th century so called progressives did their utmost! The elite of today have worked very hard and like Emperor Diocletian have done a very good job for what will, without doubt, ultimately be the losing side.

This started out as a joking, teasing blog inspired by a relative Sir Kenneth Murchison who, in 1941, wrote an amusing book, titled “Letters to my grandsons”. As  I wrote this blog it became serious. LIFE IS SERIOUS. Should I have time and energy the “light” version may be written; however life, death and eternity are right now very much at the forefront of my mind.

My prayer is that you will prosper and there are, of course, many and varied ways of prospering. More importantly, I pray to God that you will be an ardent follower of  the Saviour who vanquished death itself. Whatever path you take in life be honest and determined. ABOVE ALL earnestly and sincerely ask God to be in your life.

By my contemporaries I am considered to be eccentric..(not in a complimentary way). As for you… just be yourself, be generous, take good advice, listen carefully and respectfully to people but do not allow anyone, apart from the Godhead, press you into their mould.

The world seems to be so very much on a knife edge. Rest assured, God is in absolute control. The bible tells us how history began and also tells us how it will end. We can speculate all we like but both his power and control is absolute.

Read the book of Revelation which tells us that the world will get WORSE prior to the all wise sovereign God bringing history to a climax!

Teenagers: Sarah Murdo Duncan 2008 My 50th




9 thoughts on “To my Grandchildren..

  1. Murdo

    I don’t know you personally but I’m a lucky enough to be friend of Jim & Kirsty Boyd & Robert & Jean MacLeod (where I access your incredibly moving, brave & inspirational blogs)

    I am humbled each & every time I read about your journey & your utter unquestionable faith.

    I don’t really know what to say other than that your blogs have reached & touched me, proof enough that God is with, using you & through you reaching many.


  2. Often we find it difficult to say these important things even face to face although as Christians this is our constant prayer. The Lord I am sure will fulfil your prayer.

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  3. I just cannot put into words how I fee, sometimes life appears to be unfair, but I guess our life is all planned by a higher being, thank you for sharing in this time of your life when time is short, god bless you and your family,

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  4. Hi Murdo, I’m a Murchison, RN, emigre in California! Fellow believer😇. Is it too late to try Budwig method to retard the growth of the cancer? Basically, no sugar, alcohol, strict Vegan diet. If interested, check Bill Henderson book, Healing Cancer Gently! God put stuff in His creation to deal with cancer. There’re 400 ways to deal with cancer, other than the usual! You are way too young to be dealing with cancer! Praying☝

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