Duncan and Lydia

Duncan and Lydia

A great privilege to witness youngest son Duncan and Lydia MacIver married last week in Dingwall Free Church. Due to my rapidly worsening condition there was a fair amount of uncertainty regarding the wisdom of attending. For sure, I knew that it would not be wise to make a speech. When Lydia first came to Gargunnock 18 months ago, at the age of 19, to wind Duncan up I nicknamed her Lyd the Kid; probably unfair but Duncan has always been very accomplished in the art of winding up his parents. In mitigation my promise for my own cheek was  that she would be Lady Lydia when she turned 20. Now married to Duncan she is even more appropriately ‘Lady Lydia’. Of course like many young women of today will most likely have her own successful career.

It normally takes a lot to make me emotional but thinking of the fact that it is very unlikely that I will see the day when the two other siblings Sarah and Murdo get married made me so. An all wise God of course has the future in his control. I still pray  and feel some assurance that He will look after both of them. The family bond, however strong,  is annulled on death bringing all who trust the risen Jesus to a better place…a place beyond our comprehension apart from glimpses in the revealed message in scripture.

Being married to a minister is not an easy route in life but, despite her youth, within Lydia there is deep Christian conviction. Remember the good woman of Proverbs 31. She is stable, hardworking and supportive. He has these attributes at his side with “Lady Lydia  who has the added bonus of good looks. My speculation is that Duncan will need all the support of a good woman..as the wife of a 21st century  minister of the much maligned Christian faith.  I can foresee that her love and support will be invaluable to his calling which she will be so much part of.


It is very obvious that as well as good looks God gave her intelligence and despite her unashamed faith in days of rank secularism she was head girl at Culloden Academy, sings and plays many instruments; she currently studies law at Glasgow university.

Duncan is such a well adjusted individual compared to me and when my eccentricities come to the forefront the family are quick to remind me that being a bit different is not a badge of honour! The question sometimes asked of Margaret was, how did she end up with me?

Read the chapter in Proverbs and you will find that the women of the bible have a great but different roles all of which seem to cut across both 21st century views and also traditional thinking. My own wife Margaret fits the profile of the Proverbs 31 woman. She would even die for her family!





6 thoughts on “Duncan and Lydia

  1. We were delighted that you were well enough to attend the wedding and the photographs are wonderful, and will be loved and looked at by many people over the years to come. We still pray for healing, but we know that the days of your life were written in the book…and He holds you, and Margaret, and all who love you… in the palm of His hand. Blogging has been so good for you, and for those of us who follow you. Keep it up. Ev

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  2. Been reading your blog for some time now. What a wonderful witness you are Murdo. Delighted you made it to your son’s wedding. What wonderful faith. Will continue to pray for you and your family. God is faithful.

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  3. Beautiful photos and congratulations to the newly weds. Think the Lovely Lady Lydia might be more appropriate now! Enjoying your blogs – full of wisdom Murdo and delighted you were able to attend the wedding.


  4. I don’t know you Mr. Murchison, but I have been reading your blog from America. I am a Facebook friend of David Robertson and I appreciate the honesty with which you share your heart and your Lord. I pray for God’s mercy and grace to be exercised in your health and your life – the world needs more, not less, Gospel Men!

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