Official launch of book….

Official launch of book….

My place of work near Stirling Scotland till a year ago

Thanks to all of you who promoted and supported my book, “One good owner” 2000 were sold or on order before official launch on 4th August. Never did I imagine when  I took ill that a book would emerge..just not my type of thing! Clearly God had other ideas.

Having run a couple of businesses one of the ideas to keep occupied was to work free of charge for an organization giving humanitarian aid in far flung corners of the globe, another was to help develop new evangelical churches in Scotland.img_0188-1How much further could I be from that dream? Why has God given me this year of doing things which are completely alien to me? To fellow believers I would say this: be careful what you pray for. Dissatisfied with the huge blessings God had given me I prayed, please give me deep spiritual blessing, I long for it. This strong feeling is expressed in the words of psalm 42:

" My soul for God, the living God, doth thirst: when shall
 I near Unto thy countenance approach
and in God's sight appear"

One Good Owner

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