Vivid Smells and sounds….

Vivid Smells and sounds….

Smell of blossom coming off trees in spring: distinct and evocative.

Looking back to my boyhood, despite now finding myself in a very different world decades on, strong memory of sounds and smells remains crystal clear and have even heightened rather than diminished down the years. The strong smell of cut grass, the soothing sound of dad with the old push along mower going up and down the sloped garden at A’Chomraich; the further away the better the sound because my chances of being conscripted diminished with distance. Safest place to avoid grass clearing was to be in the back garden. Better still to be with friends down the road!

Less appreciated at that time, but still vivid nonetheless, was the distinct smell of gorse and heather from the increasingly steep hillside as you approach the Church and busy garage next door.

On the forecourt, especially on a hot day there was the unmistakable, adrenaline producing, odour of 5 star leaded high octane petrol, in sharp contrast to the unpleasant smell of diesel.

Castrol GTX engine oil was very well marketed, the additives gave it a unique smell. Then there was a also a good selection of pressurised grease and oil guns. Most cars at that time required regular greasing and transmission oil top ups.

Attention involving oil or grease of one sort or another was essential every few thousand miles, especially due to the often damp, icy gritted, salted mountain roads in the Western Highlands of Scotland.

A useful profit earner was to underseal new cars with impressive looking, strong smelling, pressurised, bitumen based black compound . Sadly it was a bad idea as the dampness inevitably, through time, went below the underseal and caused serious undetected rot.

On a wet miserable west coast day the garage had a unique smell, the oil stained floors,

With my grandfather Murdo Murchison Jnr: not quite tall enough!
compounded by the constant flow of wet cars and ingrained oil. Being a busy place, the large ancient compressor which worked a ramp and other equipment ran relentlessly, the pressure valves leaking and hissing noisily all over the place: Could someone not just take the time to sort out these annoyingly noisy defects? NO! NOT WITHIN THE PAY SCALE OR JOB DESCRIPTION! At least that would be the statement from many a so called “worker” in 2017!… Nothing new under the sun.   On a hot summer day the corrugated tin roof of the garage expanded noisily as the strong relentless sun shone through the day, melting the paint. (Summer was summer in these days)

The bible has a lot to say about sounds and smells. For any bikers reading this, the roar of Moses’ Triumph was heard throughout the hills! (Please correct me if this mildly amusing quote is not 100% accurate!)

Triumph Motorcycle
Sometimes there is not a huge difference between places in Scotland but on landing at the quiet Plockton airstrip you hear the wind gently moving the canvas styled hangar and the sea smell is completely different to anywhere else…. Freshness of air, smell of of peat and heather. The hot, well maintained, flat four engine has it’s own unique sound as it cools down after an hour of pushing through the air among the mountains.

On a much more serious, hopefully helpful, note many years ago I read a detailed book regarding the Old Testament sacrifices. While I found it in some ways helpful to contemplate how all these animal sacrifices pointed to Jesus, the light of the world and the ultimate sacrifice, they in different ways remind us of the horror of sin and what is required for atonement. The description given of the smell as the sacrifice took place had a big impact on me. The writer reckoned that ,were I or any modern person to experience the stench of the prescribed animal sacrifice, it would very quickly make us sick! Of course, our all wise God did not intend it to be pleasant and through the clear, far seeing, prophetic symbolism of these Old Testament sacrifices we have a far superior understanding of both Jesus and the necessity as well as the centrality of the cross.

Does God HAVE A SENSE OF SMELL? The prayers of his people are described as a sweet savour to him… Facing death my own prayers have a renewed vigour. Are you a praying person?

Like me, maybe you are a skeptical type of person, yet you want to believe. .. Please read the bible, pray about the amazing, penetrating, truth within it; you will also find the light of the world described so accurately from Genesis to Revelation.

Is this all true? I firmly believe so!.. To a degree I am even at peace. There again, why did God’s son, the very essence of God the father, have to to take my personal sin by dying a truly barbaric death on a Roman cross? Was there not another way? Decades of belief and research have convinced me concerning the absolute truth surrounding my Lord and Saviour. Can you hear the nails being hammered into his hands and feet?

Listen to the cry of Jesus just before the  death.. which ended death.

“It is finished”   He is now victorious over death. He sits in his rightful place at the right hand of the great creator God.

Ultimately the trumpet will sound and for the believer, soul and body will be reunited. What a glorious day that will be! We will be forever with our kinsman redeemer in a perfect environment….That bright and better land!. Please, with that sure and certain hope, be comforted and encouraged , especially when you contemplate your own inevitable passing to your eternal reward..

Without a shadow of a doubt, the day will break and the shadows flee away, we will meet on the other side. NOT one sincere believer can or will ever be lost!

Join me in trusting him and be enriched beyond what you could ever imagine!  His voice says this to you in a very personal way. “Fear not for I am with you”


7 thoughts on “Vivid Smells and sounds….

  1. In God we trust. I am sure he is holding your hand. I appreciate what you write in your blog and admire your courage. God bless you and your family

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  2. Beautiful words, evoking such a variety of scents and sights………what an amazing God we have! Thank you again, Murdo. Love the pictures too…..xx

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