365 days…

365 days…

Till quite recently I could still dig the garden

Humanly speaking, not the best year of my life but many lessons learned!..mainly spiritual…. We are after all, FIRST AND FOREMOST spiritual beings!

FIRSTLY it is just amazing how adaptable we can be! For me memory of an active life is becoming distant as the months go by.

SECONDLY Had you told me I would be drugged up so much that most normal everyday activity would become difficult, now in some ways impossible! My prayer, wrongly would have been..God just take me now.

One Good Owner
My book released early August. Available from various sources.

THIRDLY The last activity imagined would have been blogging and becoming an author of sorts. My past record would tell you that author would be bottom of the pile.

 FOURTHLY Who would have thought that there would be a lot of visitors from all round the country?  The days do mesh into each other but there are simply not enough hours!

Palliative Chemotherapy brings me swiftly towards my last weeks or if fortunate months,. Before you sigh in grief. I have taken out a terrific insurance policy. How did you get that?   I hear you ask. .. The great creator God tells me that because I in trust his son Jesus;  that terrifying  ”  last enemy” will be just a passing incident. I am both assured and confident that on death my soul will go immediately to heaven.

Easy as that? I have done nothing. Jesus has rescued me and all who trust him through the cross. Have you come to God by the way of the cross? Do you take this seriously…I hope so…. Hopefully these thoughts have been somehow helpful. Here we are, if you are reading this blog, one traveler to the next country speaking to another. Rely on the God of all creation.



15 thoughts on “365 days…

  1. Hi Murdo was talking to Duncan on Sunday past,a cracking lad you must be so proud of him .
    Nice to see he’s going to crow rd ,be nice to see the congregation added to
    Take care in Robina’s am my thoughts daily .

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  2. Murdo, you make me cry so often as I read these lovely heart written blogs. You are definitely going to a much better place but we will miss you, as will those you love. How wonderful to believe that this separation is for this fleeting moment and we will be reunited round the throne. God has given you this time to make a difference, and you have. God bless you both. Ev and Terry

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  3. Amazing grace and faith in our amazing God. This blog has been an amazing insight into your journey Murdo and an inspiration to me. I have never met you but heard a lot about you from James Beaton our minister. Praying for you all at this time God bless

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  4. You are such an inspiration Murdo. I have enjoyed reading your blog very much and loved reading your book all about your life growing up. Jim and I continue to pray for you and your family. God bless.


  5. I love this episode of your blog, Murdo! I find your writing totally inspirational, encouraging & challenging to me as a fellow traveller to Heaven. I really appreciate your trustful acceptance of what God has allowed in your life – it is so honouring to the Lord! It’s wonderful to see you resting in the Lord in regard to all that concerns you, trusting that He knows the way. We’ve never met (but have mutual friends in Ann & Donald Henderson from Inverness). But I look forward to meeting you in Glory, “far beyond this vale of tears”. You & Margaret & your family are in our prayers constantly. May God bless you all with His amazing peace day by day.
    Kind regards, Helen & Saunders.


  6. What an encouragement. Thank you Murdo for your words and that you keep pointing us to our wonderful Saviour. Praying for you all, Ishbel


  7. Congratulations! Your blog is awesome and I have nominated you for the Versatile Blogger Award. Follow this link to learn more: https://hatrackley.com/2017/09/12/versatile-blogger-award/ Murdo – I like the way you write, but more importantly, my niece Audra Odom (MacRae when you first knew her, maybe) told me of the many ways that you were a help to her, I thought a little advertisement to other USA readers would be good.

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  8. Hi Murdo, I love your blessed assurance, of hope, and the ressurrection! At the same time, as an RN believer in a loving God, I’m sure you would agree, that God decides on end-of-life, not doctors. There are hundreds of ways to deal with cancer, which God has provided. Dr Budwig diet is only one! Hope lives☝


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