Wrong: Not the Western Isles of Scotland but the Falklands

If you are under the age of 50 you could be forgiven for not knowing about  the South Atlantic Falklands War in 1982. Britain’s sovereign rule in the Falkland Islands was under attack! The big wind up, with a serious edge, in particular from older people, was that along with my friends I would be called up for service should there be escalation. Working in a Fiat dealership, the manufacturer had just launched a fairly decent car called the Argenta. Typical of a car manufacturer they were unrepentant over the stupid and unfortunate name but still expected dealers to sell the model. A name change to “Gibraltar” or even “Scotland” may well have done the trick.


A few centuries ago Britain took sovereignty over Gibraltar and despite Spain recently trying to claim it back it was made very clear that our great nation, the United Kingdom, owns Gibraltar and we are rightly retaining our sovereignty. Whether we think it is right or wrong, we cannot deny that our small island of Britain has had a profound influence on the world.

If you are like me you will love the fact that our even smaller country of Scotland has always boxed above its weight with world beating inventions and innovations, not to mention economic concepts and missionary endeavor… I was asking American Presbyterian friends why they were so well disposed towards us? “It all started in your great wee country – Scotland was the speedy and sincere response.

Our “treasured” national poet Robert Burns was no friend of Calvinistic doctrine which like the  bible has great emphasis on the sovereignty of God. Maybe he in one way he had a valid point as within the Church of Scotland of that time Calvinistic doctrine was to put it mildly, a bit over the top!

In the year that king Uzziah died, Isaiah the prophet who accurately, and in detail, foretold the coming of Jesus, the light of the world, saw God high in and lifted up. In my own experience it is not until we can see a clear picture of our  all powerful God that we can TRULY stand in awe.File 17-08-2017, 08 50 22

You can do yourself a lot of good today by simply taking the time to reflect on the all powerful, all controlling and lifted up God of all creation, his POWER, his ATTRIBUTES, HIS glory.
Whether we like it or not he is of course an absolute sovereign, but he is also the loving King of Kings who sent his Son to take away our sin through his death on the cross.

So who owns you? If you think that your destiny is up to you,  then,  SORRY you are talking rubbish. God has planned the number of our days and he has decided on the moment of our departure from his world. Apologies for being a bit blunt.

How practical is that great emphasis to ordinary people like ourselves? Here it is… We worship a God who has a great plan. We may not always like that plan. All the same we should remember this… He is master of the universe. No friend to those who oppose him but the very best friend to all who trust him.

As Romans 8 powerfully breathes out… “There is therefore now no condemnation for those who are in Christ Jesus

Another life enhancing thought is that not one pebble or small stone free falls down a mountainside in the remotest glen in Scotland without the consent and absolute foreknowledge of God. This leads us to reverence and  humble worship, In the words of the psalmist:-


 Wild and lonely Rannoch Moor Scotland

”  O come, and let us worship him,let us bow down withal

and on or knees before our Lord

our maker let us fall”






4 thoughts on “Sovereignty

  1. A question was asked in Sunday school today about what, if anything, was wrong with our worship (in comparison to Revelation 4 and 5). My answer was that we don’t have that awe of God that is necessary for true worship. It is as if we have peaked behind the curtain and discovered the secrets of the magic tricks, and lost that wonder. Yet, if we gave it any thought at all, God’s sovereignty is beyond our comprehension.

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  2. Thank you, Murdo. Very heartened to read this from you. Another great post, full of your usual blend of wisdom and wit. In your own circumstances and in all of our lives, an awareness that the good, wise God is governing our lives, is a comfort and a blessing. Even more amazing is the fact He weaves our prayers into His purposes and is ready to receive into His family all who seek Him.

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