Die Another Day

Such enthusiasm in far off halcyon days

Fun climbing trees plenty cuts and bruises

However good or mixed our lives have been the day of our departure is not up to us but up to God…there again, for the believer, death releases us from this corrupted body and world. Our creator chooses the exact day and hour but for now I am very much aware He keeps me here on earth.

Oh to heaven, that prepared place. Do I want to go right now? NO! The instinct to live is still beating strongly! After two weeks of poor, very poor, quality of life in hospital five weeks ago I was sent home to die under home hospice care, both incontinent and immobile. Inner resolve and, as Margaret could tell you, being a “stubborn git ” to the the core had me on my feet within 48 hours. The tumour just grew and developed to the extent that all treatment has now ceased. Medical professionals have been astoundingly good but their expertise is finite.

little freinds kyle peir
Little friends waiting for the boat at Kyle

Throughout each stage and consultation; they really hoped that, although terminally ill, I would somehow do better in the coming months.. This proved to be a forlorn hope. Now weeks have turned to months but I am still here!

In a previous life fixing cars under pressure I had some experience of the concept that “mind over matter” could somehow win the day when repairing a car in the the damp oily pit using inadequate tools. God the great creator alone can fix me now. At the very least He has given me a deep peace for which I am SO thankful as the shadows close in.

digging for austrailia
Digging for Australia

WHATEVER happened then to the rumbustious little boy who considered himself to be invincible?. Back in these days; the attitude was,  dig just a little deeper and Australia…here we come! With my friends we dissected slow worms, set the dog on the cat, menaced frogs yet the world survived.
We all decay and ultimately must face up to death. Departing the shell which is our earthly body with faith and forgiveness from God makes it into nothing other than a passing incident in our experience. A life starting out with such hope, sooner or later in the context of this fallen world under the curse of God, without forgiveness, goes to a lost eternity. The antidote is trusting in Jesus for full an free salvation bringing us to heaven.

Let me ask you very pointedly and very personally; Are you trusting him as your personal Saviour? Take this promise from him. “God so loved the world that he gave his only begotten son that whoever believes in him should not perish but have eternal life…” John 3:16




13 thoughts on “Die Another Day

  1. Our prayers are with you. My post yesterday was about C. S. Lewis’ writing about heaven, but tomorrows post is about salvation by grace. Some of the same sentiments. Thank you for your post.


  2. “How beautiful on the mountains are the feet of him who brings good news….Your God reigns.”. Thank you for your writings which bring good news.


  3. Brother Murdo, Praise the Lord. Very touching words and lovely photos. In childhood days we all have dug to reach out to some fairy land and some of us do succeed if we keep persevering. And dear Brother, your perseverance is commendable and highly esteemed. I do not remember a morning when I have not prayed for you since we got in touch. Faith is the wonderful gift of God which gives birth to hope in our lives and let us hold on to this precious gift. So much is in my heart to visit you while still there is an opportunity to sit with you in fellowship and pray in person with you and I wait upon the Lord. With God everything is possible. Amen. God Bless. Love anil.


  4. Great testimony Murdo. The central word in that text is “whoever” chooses life He promises “I will in no wise cast out”. May you continue to know God’s richest peace..


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