This great story has been on the go for centuries, the undoubted victim comes good, through the glass slipper and Prince Charming despite the ugly sisters. How we all wish the best for the victim who ends up, despite all odds, winning the day.  At sporting events British crowds are known for cheering the underdog. We all love a feel-good ending. Perhaps you were at one time the victim but, at a human level, your life comes good. Help comes, or through your own determination you are helped and you become the victor with the hard times firmly behind you. Why did you spiral downward? Just because nobody wanted you on the football team? That was the case for me. To begin with I just disappeared then went home on the train. The really hurtful part was that nobody in the whole school even noticed I had gone.



Many people talk of a sense of destiny. ‘I WILL RISE ABOVE MY CURRENT DIFFICULTIES’ or as is often quoted now from Invictus “I am the master of my fate, I am the captain of my soul.” This has become almost a mantra for many.

It was helpful for me, years after this wilderness experience, to discuss with others the inner resilience of the human experience. How much better this is in the context of the love of God and the knowledge that He gives us wilderness experiences to strengthen us. He did this for me as a teenager. There is, of course, an extra resource living deep within  in the believer…no less than the person of God, the Holy Spirit, sometimes described as  equal in power and glory with God. What a blessing… yet we do not even know how to pray as we ought but the Holy Spirit helps us.

Let me ask “do you have the Holy spirit in your life? Guiding you and teaching you?” He will not speak of himself but will ALWAYS point you to Jesus. We neglect him at our peril.  I do not understand how people can go through the situation I was in then as a teenager and am in now without the help of God the Holy spirit and the promise he assures of the joy to come. I am glad that the holy spirit reminds me that God is the master of my fate and the He is the captain of my soul, not I.

2010-05-14 13.44.18
The dove representing God the Holy Spirit

Another great theme is gifts of the Spirit. For sure we are eclipsed by the church of Acts Ch 2 and the modern emerging church in other parts of the  world. Recently someone compared Western believers outside church on a Sunday morning to worms at a fishing competition…  THE FROZEN CHOSEN.. Forgive me.. Must quit while still ahead…






7 thoughts on “Cinderella

  1. Dear Murdo and Margaret, ( and family),

    Along with many others I look forward to reading you regular posts. They are such an encouragement to us all, especially to those who are walking a similar path but to a lesser degree. We can all bear testimony to God’s faithfulness to us at all times but sometimes the times are a bit more challenging. Several times I have wanted to come and see you but I do not want to be a burden. Be assured of our continued prayers for you all.

    Every blessing in Him,


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  2. Yes, Murdo, the Lord is clearly with you in This experience too. God has his time and it is beautiful. I want to encourage you – it’s good to be writing. God is blessing you through the writing – teaching you through it and blessing and teaching us too.

    Thanks for blessing us again and again over these years with your help.

    May the Lord continue to bless you with a deep measure of his Spirit.


  3. Murdo I could hardly believe whenI read what you sent me about your op.i was having a precious special time with the Lord (occasion ally this happens to me ) and God does something amazing or lays some one or some need on my heart in quite a powerful way. I seldom mention it for I realise people now see me as a little old lady with no wise clever husband anymore and memory deteriorating …… But Almighty God laid you on my heart this night in a very def way sorry battery going would Margaret keep me up to date God was speaking to me and I had no idea what it was then I got your email from someone Orr , my maiden name whom I did t know who not many Orrs around. I will uphold you. Praying now for the surgeon. I actually tried sending you quite wonderful from American cousin it came across tonight and I sent it on to you not k nown why other than u were ill sorry very late God k owns about your op. My blessing in HIM. BEtsy. Hope u can make out this rushed message it’s more complicated. Ign

    Elizabeth McDonald (Sent from my iPad)



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