Sarah, Murdo and Duncan at my 50th in 2008

A Few years ago “EDUMACATION” or Education Education Education was the great mantra of the powers that be; our government. For sure, unlike me, my children ended up with good education. Proud parents of course still bask in the glory! Do you not love to hate parents who put out letters at Christmas bragging about family (forgive me for joining their ranks and indulge me just this once as their proud father)?
Sarah, an English teacher – has masters in English, and would have (but for my illness) completed her PhD. Murdo Jnr has honours in psychology and until recently coordinated Street Pastors in Stirling, Scotland. Duncan has a first class honours in history and focused on the Covenanters; he is now completing his intensive degree course from Edinburgh Theological Seminary at the tender age of 24, having worked as a student university pastor for a productive year in Glasgow.

So, you may well ask, how does their uneducated father spawn children of such a radically different disposition..? Here are two possible reasons:
1 we are all uniquely and wonderfully made and given individual talents by the great Creator. While taking advice and showing due respect do not let a parent, or mentor, press you into their particular mould.

2 Other factors in the way they are wired by the great creator are of significant influence. Not forgetting some excellent genes from their mother which are also there in the mix. In a very powerful manner we are reminded in Psalm 139 that God knitted us together in the womb.

All three of them are not in the least interested in financial gain. Despite my protests and having been assaulted in her workplace at one of the roughest schools in Aberdeen, Sarah resolutely refuses to take a “nice” job elsewhere. Such is her social conscience. The boys are of the same ilk.



5 thoughts on “EDUMACATION…

  1. Sometimes, circumstances get in the way. Sometimes, people work beyond their circumstances. My father was one of four sons of a school marm in a one-room school house. My Dad dropped out after his freshman year of college (where he played both American football and baseball). He married my mother and a year later had Audra’s mother. A month later was the attack on Pearl Harbor. My Dad was the only one of the brothers who did not get a college degree, all others getting advanced degrees. Of my brother, sister, and I, we all got advanced degrees. I credit my Dad’s mother in teaching the value of a good education. Then, I’ve learned so much more when I get my hands dirty. You taught your children well.


  2. Jeepers Murdo, you have given me a wee bit to think about there? I certainly do not deserve my three wonderful children. How they are MINE . . . . I do not know to this day but, I am very thankfull. Loving the fact that you feel that way about yours too.

    We must have done something right in this life?


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